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Anakbayan Rep: US intelligence to get the #$@% off our campus

On March 27, about 30 Rutgers students, faculty, alumnus and community members joined forces to protest Rutgers ties to the Defense Intelligence Agency and other US intelligence agencies. They were also protesting the role the lead intelligence connected professor is playing in defining "Best Practices" for balancing the "Fight Against Hate" with "Preserving Freedom." Rutgers Against Campus Militarism and NJ Antiwar Agenda are currently working on a panel discussion on this topic which will take place in April, details to be determined. You can participate in helping to organize the event through this Facebook group or by calling 908-881-5272. For more background on this situation, see the links under the addendum at the end of this article. Matthew, of the Filipino youth group Anakbayan was on hand to oppose the intelligence role at Rutgers University. To support the struggles of the Filipino people attend: The Stop the Killings Speaking Tour
and donate to: The Peoples Caravan for Peace and Justice in the Philippines

People can contact Anakbayan New Jersey through their Facebook Page @AnakbayanNJ

You can watch Matthew's presentation:

The following is the text of Matthew's presentation:

Thanks for the chance to speak and to all who are here, I’m Matthew and I’m the Educational Development Officer of Anakbayan New Jersey, a Filipino youth and student organization fighting for national democracy and progressive change in the Philippines, as well as the welfare of Filipinos here in the US.

First, I wanted to affirm that it is vital that we as Rutgers community loudly denounce the despicable acts of Islamophobic and white supremacist hate that have taken place on our campus and throughout NB, and at the same time loudly condemn this Rutgers administration for its own hateful acts towards its own students.

The title of the symposium taking place in there is “fighting hate while preserving freedom.” So tell me, how can Rutgers claim to be fighting hate, when its President, at a town hall last year, said that hate speech is something that should be protected? How are they preserving freedom by being gracious hosts to the DIA and DHS, institutions that we know fundamentally erode our freedom, and primarily that of black and brown people, and those fighting for their own welfare.

In fact how can we even say that the people of the Rutgers community have freedom in the first place, when activists fighting for a living wage, my friends who are dual members of Anakbayan and USAS, on top of 10 other student activists, have received criminal charges for nonviolent protest. So according to Rutgers, when the the FBI undermined and ripped apart the black liberation and civil rights movements in the 60s--that must be preserving freedom to them. Activism is not illegal, and it is right to rebel against an unjust system

This event isn’t about preserving real freedom. It’s about a preserving a sham freedom, which amounts to the ruling class patting themselves on the back for giving token speeches against hate, but never confronting the real structures of oppression that cause hate: white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism. It is not freedom for the vast majority of us who suffer from these systems.

The Filipino people are well acquainted with the crimes of US intelligence, and our country has in fact been a testing ground for all kinds of intelligence strategies and tactics, aimed at containing and pacifying any movement toward real sovereignty. The Philippines were one of America’s first overseas colonies, and the capital Manila was host to a CIA training facility as early as the 1950s.  The tactics of counterinsurgency and undercutting mass movements with bribes and superficial aid was first applied in the Philippines, and later Vietnam and also in the US Given this history of intel services actively working against people’s movements, going back to COINTELPRO in 60s, and even today with the infiltration of J20 and Black Lives Matter why should we believe they wouldn’t be willing to apply the same tactics on our campus and in our community?

So I just want to talk about what is the legacy of US intelligence and imperialism in the Philippines today. The Philippines continue to be of great interest to the imperial war machine because of its strategic geographic location, potential for agriculture, and rich mineral resources. The Philippines is extremely rich but it's people are still devastatingly poor. The US sends $10s of millions each year in both military and development aid, to pacify and control the Filipino people on the armed front and the civilian front respectively. US funding of extremist groups to counter popular movements has directly led to the existence of Al-Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf, and ISIS in the Philippines. The existence of these groups serves to destabilize the region, discredit real people’s struggles, and justify US intervention.

These harsh realities were manifested in the Siege of Marawi last year, where the whole of Marawi City was shelled to a husk under the advisory of US Special Forces. Almost its entire population remains displaced in inadequate and inhumane temporary shelters and faces intense food shortage still today. This is the legacy of US intelligence.

So this event here today, really shows Rutgers’ priorities, and where the administration’s allegiances lie. US intelligence agencies, in service of the US ruling class and its war machine, have an astounding track record of spreading hate, undermining freedom, and violently opposing those seeking a better life for oppressed people. Rutgers has no problem inviting these people onto our campus, and providing a pipeline for its students to even work for this vile war machine. Rutgers administration is against your liberation.

We must call for US intelligence to get the fuck off our campus.

Rutgers administration is against your liberation.

To view the complete set of speakers and the musical performance:


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The massive intelligence operation at Rutgers New Brunswick has been the subject of a news report in the Daily Targum, and a blog piece at this site, an article at the New Brunswick Todaynews site, an article in the #NJAntiWarAgenda paper which is also published at our website.

Group: CIA OFF CAMPUS #CIAOffCampus / Oppose Campus Militarism

There will be a presentation about the Philippines at this April 7 event in Newark.  More details.

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