Thursday, April 6, 2017

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NJ to Protest Syria Bombing

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April 7. 2017
IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NJ to Protest Syria Bombing
Contact: Bob Witanek 908-881-5275

An emergency protest against the US launching of about 60 cruise missiles against the nation and people of Syria will occur today, Friday, April 7, 5pm, Newark at the Martin Luther King Monument on the corner of MLK Boulevard and 13th Avenue. (right near Records Hall)

The rally is called by the emergency organization, NJ Against US War on Syria.

The rally will feature presentations by local and area opponents of US wars in the Middle East.

It was called lat Thurstday after social netowrking discussions by activists from around NJ who are concerned about this escalation and also about the possibility of further escalation toward nuclear war.

According to one of the organizers, Bob Witanek:

"There has been no inquiry yet getting to the bottom of it yet there is a rush to judgment and calling for retaliations/ There have been several other attacks so far this year with similar amounts of massive casualties from drone strike, air strikes, a Saudi helicopter shooting up a refugee boat and other incidents at the hands of the US in Syria, Iraq, Yemen.  There have been reports of 1000 plus civilian casualties from US military actions during March 2017.  If Syria is implicated it should not be too hard to collect evidence to prove as much.  Same goes for if some other forces are implicated including the various US backed rebel groups and ISIS and other forces.
Regardless of how it happened it is not cause for war escalations especially with the many similarly heinous acts that were obviously carried out by US and its allies in recent weeks and months.
Hillary Clinton called for war and Trump answered with a barrage of Tomahawk cruise misslles.

The reports of casualties are not tallied yet.  There is serious danger of escalation toward nuclear war since Russia is present in Syria and reportedly where the attack occurred.

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