Thursday, April 27, 2017

Peace Vigil – Oppose US War Moves – Somerset County Proposal

A perfect centrally located place for a Somerset County Peace Vigil is Bedminster, NJ.  While it also happens to be the location of Trump National luxury golf resort . . . that is just a coincidence.

It has been reported that Trump could be spending some time there on weekends this summer though it could just be news rumors.  In any event – if he should come to town and it happens to be on the day that we are going to be vigiling there any way – or we have the capacity to switch our next scheduled vigil to coincide with his visit – all the better.  That would give us an opportunity to leverage our regularly scheduled event to try to communicate a message demanding an end to various military actions and threats of military action by the US administration.

The ideal would be for us to be able to set up a committee of at least 5 Somerset County residents (that would not be an absolute requirement for the vigil host committee but it would be preferred that the committee have a strong Somerset County base).  The responsibility of this committee will be to assess that for any scheduled vigil – at least 3 from the committee will attend.  The committee will be responsible to make sure signs or sign making materials are delivered to the site at least 15 minutes before the scheduled event, that each event is well publicized and promoted, that press work is done, that community outreach is done, and that the precise nature of the activities planned are made clear to participants – that would usually mean to announce that the event is planned as a legal and safe event. 

If there was potential for a march or something like that – that would be made clear.  The committee would also investigate the local ordinances and determine the most appropriate courses of action.

I for one am willing to be a member of such a vigil committee – and I *am* a Somerset County resident.  So we already have ONE member of the Somerset County Peace Vigil Host Committee - should we be able to form such a thing.

Whether or not you are a Somerset County resident – if you would be willing to participate in such an event in Bedminster one or more times, please complete the entry form:

Once we have enough of a hosting committee we will start making a plan!

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