Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Protest NATO aggression around the world/Hands Off Venezuela" demonstration, this Saturday, March 30, in Washington, D.C.


POP Members, Friends & Comrades in Struggle,

By now you should have received in your email the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) leaflet for the "protest NATO aggression around the world/Hands Off Venezuela" demonstration, this Saturday, March 30, in Washington, D.C.  The purpose of this memo is to recruit you to be part of a POP contingent in this important historic mobilization.  Trump is aggressively organizing imperialist allies and subordinate lackeys to form an international constituency for military invasion, regime change and subversion of the Bolivarian Revolution, Venezuela's striving for socialism and popular benefit of the world's largest petroleum reserves, which are coveted by Imperialism, led by U.S. Imperialism.  Those of us in the belly of the imperialist beast, who  cherish freedom; uphold the  right of self-determination for oppressed nations, former colonies and dependent countries; struggle for Black Liberation; and oppose imperialism must do all in our power stay the hand of US  intervention into  Venezuela.  Already, economic, political and cyber attacks have been mounted by the US to destabilize the country and to undermine the legitimately elected (by 67% of the vote) government of President Nicolas Maduro.  WE MUST NOT STAND BY! WE MUST ACT!!!

POP resolved to stand with Venezuela and against Imperialism, led by US Imperialism; to stand with the Afro-descended Venezuelans and against Trump and his white -supremacist minions; and to stand with the workers and peasants of this South American country determined to reject return to the Monroe Doctrine," whereby The USA asserted that the entire Western Hemisphere is the backyard of the US and subject to its domination.  Saturday's demo is an important opportunity to translate our resolution into action.  When delegates of the sponsoring coalition recently met with President Maduro, he emphasized how important is an anti-war movement in the USA.  we can and should join our allies in building that movement and uphold our responsibility to Venezuela and the International Working Class, as anti-imperialists in this country.

Our member and ally, Bob Witanek has reserved a bus that will leave Lincoln Park, Newark at 7:00AM on Saturday.  Roundtrip seats are $50 (sliding scale based on ability to pay).  On behalf of our organization, Vice Chair Adams has advanced $200 that will hopefully be reimbursed by sign-ups for Saturday.

We will speak from the platform; be represented on the lead banner; and have been invited to serve as marshals and march organizers, if we have volunteers.  


Thursday's POP celebration of Women's history Month and sign up for DC or call Larry Adams at: 201-294-0046.



Larry Adams
Vice-Chair of External Affairs

People's Organization for Progress

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