Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Deeper Level of Interaction Needed for Success of March 16 / 30


I think I figured out part of the challenges of organizing participation in March 16 and March 30 Antiwar marches in Washington DC. I have been organizing buses since the early 80s.  We used to sort of all fan out and sell seats and collect cash or checks. There was a coordinator - often me.  Other towns and groups also had coordinators and participatory bus organizing mechanisms.
But it seemed like the effort was more collective where people would call with 2 seats, 4 seats, a bunch of seats, half a bus . . .
But now folks seem to think the job is done because they see it circulating in social media. The personal touch for a mass mobilization seems a little amiss.  Right now it seems like less of a group effort as far as recruiting and pitching and getting folks to commit on the personal level.
My reach is being repressed / downgraded by Facebook now - I am absolutely sure of it by the lack of success of the information I am sharing - so circulation help is needed. That is DEFINITELY HURTING my ability to pull these activities together without more help = including with sharing - targeted sharing - on Insta / Twitter / MeWe. Media outreach.
More importantly - we need to talk to each other. Internet wise - phone wise - at meetings - when we see people - more personal touch by more people. In box and follow up is better than a random post to your feed. It's sales - it really is but we do need to market the importance of these activities to the point where people agree enough to participate or support. We need more folks actually advocating for the participation and support.
We need funds - and we need riders. The more the bus is funded, the less funds needed from the rest of the riders so that is less of an impediment for more participants.
If we are building a movement - we should be able to fund as much transportation as people willing to go. That would be massive. Not that its all about paying bus companies - and i get that - but these two marches - March 16 and 30 - are a challenge to us to see if we are WILLING TO SHOW UP AGAINST THE THEFT AND
So the people have to decide - are we going to make this happen - big - or are we going to let imperialism add another notch in the bloody CIA coup stick.
So it would be awesome if folks started asking around - with more of a personal touch - about both participation and financial support - organizations should suggest how they are going to make their presence felt in DC among the anti-war and anti-imperialist forces. What are your organizational goals for the day and how are you going to multiply the antiwar message delivered in DC by your presence.
The burden is upon us now - are we going to make these marches happen and how can we make them more effective?
And please DO make some sort of commitment if you can - participatory or financial - or promotional if you can not get there - or all of it and more.

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