Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Colombians on Front Lines of Efforts for A Peaceful Solution

Submitted to NJ Anti War Agenda by Elizabeth Castenades, of Colombia

For you dear friends of peace, asking why a Colombian Human Rights activist, like me opposes the possible war on Venezuela: 

We want to share the sad reality of Colombia, the neighboring country who’s president want to teach Venezuelan government how to behave with the citizens and specially the opposition.

So many people have been killed, because they promote human rights, because they oppose Meagan projects or because they belong to a civil movement.

We keep asking how in the world @IvanDuque president of Colombia, who  can not guarantee the life of Colombian  people can promote a military intervention in Venezuela?
How. If his party Centro Democrático, try to shut down the opposition movement, by imposing illegal sanctions, and by using the most unethical methods.

Ivan Duque has no moral authority to interfere with the movement in Venezuela.

I am a believer in the civil movement and know that is the only way to achieve sustainable progress in a democracy, I hope for my Venezuela s brothers and sisters , a democratic way out of this crisis ! I hope that includes freedom of speech for both countries, a more green and clean economy, a free and good quality education, but by any means NO WAR ! 

War will be a very negative thing for the whole hemisphere! 

Please I ask you continue pushing for a peaceful solution to the ongoing situation! And educate yourselves about the Human Rights crisis in Colombia, so you will understand why this justification of “we will set them free” is a big fat lie! 

Please American citizens that appreciate so much your own freedom and your own democracy, help all of the citizens of this hemisphere to achieve a democracy and not more paper democracies , where just a few have a said! For Real Peace and Democracy , people self determination!.

Elizabeth Castanedas, the author of this commentary is interested in working on panel discussions around NJ in Spanish on the situation in Venezuela and how it relates to Colombia, Brazil, Puerto Rico and other nations and peoples of Latin America.

You can reach her at: .


Nos Están Matando / They're Killing Us


  1. I am honored to know Elizabeth and other Colombian human rights activists who have taught and inspired me. No matter what the political climate is in Colombia, no matter how repressive the leadership, activists in Colombia continue their efforts for peace and justice.

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