Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Analysis of US Backed Propaganda on Colombia - Venezuela Border

Please watch these videos and read the analysis of the videos - where the person in the videos is portrayed as Venezuelan but in the second video - he makes clear that he is Colombian.

This video is from the radio station La W Radio that also use FB and twitter to comunícate the news,  

The reporter  is saying a group of Venezuelan citizens,  are trying to cross the border to Venezuela Illegally because the border is close at the moment by Venezuelan authorities.  The reporter starts asking questions to the guy with the pink mask and the already famous US Marines baseball cap.

Notice also the watch and the Oakley sun glasés the man is wearing and you know that this guy is not a poor Venezuelan.  He also has a very heavy Medellin accent.
She asks,  Mr., you will try to cross the border today?

He answers: “Yes we will pass under the bridge. Since we can walk on it.”

Just before she asks any questión he is speaking  Medellin slang.  He said, “This will get hotter! As soon it get hot we will cross don’t worry,” to all the  people he. Appears to be directing.

The reporter asks, “Are you not afraid “they will attack you, because in Colombia the official story is that the Venezuelan national guard attacked the truck with the “humanitarian aid.”

He answers, “That is why TV is here to guarantee that they refrained from attacking us.    They have lethal and conventional weapons, I  hope they don’t get used against us.”

The reporter then asks, Do you know what happened yesterday?”

He said, “Yes we are already 3 days in tho this conflict and there is no way back.”

This particular guy is in many videos,  After he takes the mask and the baseball cap off . . . see next video:

This is a large group of young people.  The guy with the hat talking to the camera, said “I’m feo Medellin,” and the other person said,  so what are you doing here? He said, “Fight for your country. I’m 1000% Colombian and 100’% Venezuelan, and will fight with all my heart!”

The young people of Medellin belong in general to the ghetto  “Call las comunas, har core sicarios.”

This crazy Colombian Uribista is declaring war already in Venezuela.  They gather a few people and start to talk about how we progressives, are tha same as Maduro.  He specifically names Gustavo Petro, and says the Colombian and Venezuelans will have to fight and kill all the left ! He also said that USA says “all the options are on the table, who will chose now!”

Is a shame.  What they are doing is promoting war between brothers.

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