Sunday, January 14, 2018

Goals for First Saturday Monthly Newark Antiwar Rallies

At a recent Peoples Organization for Progress (POP) meeting, the proposal for a monthly antiwar protest at the MLK Monument on MLK Boulevard, near old Records Hall, near the corner of Springfield Avenue and MLK Boulevard was approved.  The protests will occur on the first Saturday of each month,from 11 am- 1 pm.  Newark has confirmed that it was mailing the sound permit for these events.

The next one is scheduled for Saturday, February 3.

On Facebook:

For information or to find out how to become part of this organizing project, call or text 908-881-5275.

The idea of the monthly protests is not to be just a pop up protest - where we show up for an hour or two once a month and then disappear until the next month.  The idea instead is for an ongoing anti-war organizing drive in the area with the protest being a monthly exclamation point.  The following are some of the ideas for goals and aims of the effort:

Goals of monthly antiwar protest at MLK monument:

Establish connection to following students:
Arts HS and St. Benedict Prep:  Are there social concerns group sthere?  Any faculty advisors that could host our presentation to students?  Leaflet outside school?

Essex County College:  What are the activist groups?  Leafleting on campus.  Meet w/ students in cafeteria?  Find one or more point persons to work with there.

Rutgers Newark: Same as Essex County College

Religious institutions – start with ¼ mile radius from rally site – letter to presiding reverend, Imam, etc. any social concerns committee?  Extend invitation to participate – offer to speak to social concerns groups

Local businesses: Identify local barber and beauty shops where #NJAntiWarAgenda can be left – leave 15 – 20 at a time and replenish regularly

Music / Poetry / Performance Art: Solicit performances.  If possible offer modest stipends for local youth performers

Youth meetings: Develop rapport with local youth organizers, offer modest stipend for task like setting up a meeting with their friends at a pizza shop to discuss the events and participation

Pizza: As it gets warmer – we can encourage those who can not make it to the protest to pay for and have pizza delivered to the protest site.  This could be toward the end of the event – and if the weather is tenable we can share the pizza from the benches at the site.

Canvassing: Have leafleting and canvassing of community– starting with a ¼ mile radius.  Identify and leaflet at the closes housing to the event including any public housing.

Relationships with community organizations: A letter to all community activist groups explaining the purpose of the event and inviting participation and sharing of information about related struggles

Support for the POP membership recruitment drive coordinated by Steven Hatcher: This would  included assisting and supporting POP’s anti-war aspects and the monthly rally at those rectuiting sessions at Broad and Market on Saturdays

Over all – developing a working relationship with the community for a ¼ mile radius so that we are not just pop up protests that come once a month and disappear so that folks can know of the purpose and feel that the protests are part of the community and they are part of the protests even if they are unable to participate regularly.

Folks interested in this effort or if you have suggestions or feedback:

Call / text 908-881-5275
Write to

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