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All Out Jan 15, Newark, NJ: NO! to US Nuclear (or Any) War on Korea!

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Happy new year from the US Government:

The former head of the joint chiefs of staff is stating that the US is closer to nuclear war with Korea than ever before; at right is what CNN looked like as midnight approached on New Years Eve.  Soon that was picked up by the media as the top story – sensationalist but absolutely horrifying.

Next day: Trump is telling us he has a button bigger than Korea’s, and we are supposed to proceed about our day – at work, school, in the home, and on the streets – like we are not possibly weeks away from ending most life on the planet!

Recall that recently Russia and China have tried to softly explain to the US that it can not attack Korea, Russia offering to set up negotiations and China trying to warn the US off.  Do you know what that means?

They got them too – and they will retaliate!  A nuclear attack on Korea is a dirty bomb attack on China and Russia given their close proximity to the radiation fall out – depending on the winds that follow any such attack. It is actually an “attack on our own people” because the radiation will travel back to US colonized islands in the Pacific and Hawaii, as well as the US mainland; winds blow and air, including radiation poisoned air, travels!

No, we cannot walk around like nothing is wrong. We need to protest in the loudest and most uncertain terms – NO TO ANY AND ALL US ATTACK ON KOREA – END US MILITARY THREATENING OPERATIONS IN THE REGION – WITHDRAW THE 3 CARRIER WAR FLEET FROM KOREAN AREA SEAS!

Fortunately in Newark, NJ, as it so happens, THERE ALREADY IS AN ANTIWAR PROTEST planned for Monday, January 15, at noon at the MLK monument.  This march, primarily organized by the People's Organization for Progress but supported by dozens of organizations, is part of the traditional annual march in Newark to commemorate and carry forward the struggles of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This year the theme is:


The march and rally is multi-theme – one of the themes being anti-war.

I am imploring everyone that sees themselves as a peace or antiwar activist who is still in the struggle for peace to participate or otherwise concretely support this event.  Folks should also mobilize around all of the other themes, but let's make sure that we say a RESOUNDING "NO!" to the latest call for worldwide annihilation and against the call for nuclear war on Korea with signs and banners.

At this event we will carry the following banner that also promotes the going forward plan of a monthly protest at this same site – the first Saturday of each month from 11am-1pm.

(Interested in organizing protests at other sites against US war and threats?  Click here.)

We will be inviting all participants to have their pictures taken with the banner as a means to promote the monthly protests on everyone’s social network sites!

Let's build on the unity of this event and use it as an opportunity to show that NJ SAYS NO TO WAR WITH KOREA – NUCLEAR OR WAR OF ANY OTHER SORT!

Of course as always our protest is not just about Korea! The US is engaging in wars of one sort or another on every corner of the planet, including on its own people on the streets: massive theft they call tax cuts, neglect of the health and safety needs of the people, lack of support for Puerto Rico's recovery, ignoring the heating needs of the impoverished during these vicious winter days, the overall turning of backs on the needs of the people in every area, and on top of that, the growing daily violence toward the people, including violence of police with impunity, immigration agency crackdowns,and the growing insecurity of everyone!

To explain the issues touched on in the banner:

·        the reference to Honduras is that the US recently backed a very likely fraud of an election there, after previously supporting a coup and a prior veneer of an electoral fraud. We call for democracy for the Honduran people so they can determine their own future and oppose US involvement and support for fraud there;

·        the Palestinian activist depicted in the corner is Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh.  His legs had been blown off in an Israeli air strike a few years back.  On December 15 an Israeli sniper finished the assassination shooting Mr. Thurayeh in the head!  The banner honors him, and the depiction is a call for the rescinding of the Jerusalem US embassy decision, an immediate halt to US supported Israeli bombings in Gaza, and an end to the US supported Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

·       Of course, Diane Beeny’s expertly drawn sign in the upper left calls for diplomacy, not war, regarding Korea and Iran.

We ask that everyone who comes show support for the banner by making sure that they have their picture taken with the banner, sharing the picture in their networks,and making plans to attend and support the monthly rallies. The next one is on February 3.

The hot off the press NJ Anti War Agenda, a printed 8 page tabloid, will be distributed on the street for the first time at the January 15 event. You may take individual copies for your own reading or sets of them for distribution. Any donations collected by you in distributing the paper can be used for your own or your group’s organizing expenses.    (Join on Facebook) Text 908-881-5275 for distribution info.

I also want to implore all to click the link below and select one or more of the organizations – including the sponsoring organization of this rally, People's Organization for Progress, which has provided sound for many of the anti-war rallies that occurred in NJ in 2017 – to make financial contributions.  The masters of war that will reap billions spend millions to prop up their war agenda and we try to rag tag it with volunteerism and passing the hat at events. We need to pump some serious "no strings attached" funds into the streets to the organizations mobilizing against war so that we can stand a chance to block the US attack on Korea that could end us all.

Please forward this link and do everything you can to support and participate in this event.

Please comprehend these lyrics and let this song motivate your anti-war behavior in the weeks ahead:

Song Against US War on Korea

We got nuclear armed subs patrolling their coast

But we all like to think he is the maddest the most
We threatened to take him out Every other day
And then we get bent when he says He'll make us pay
B1s take off from the island of Guam
To harass the Koreans make them worry about the bomb
With 3 air craft carriers and a nuclear armed fleet
An ever imminent threat to bring the nuclear heat
The US dropping bombs all over the earth
With no concern about what life is worth
But they keep shouting it from the TV set
About the Mad Korean and his nuclear threat
The threat that is real to the entire world
Preemptive US attack to start the death swirl
Because China and Russia are not going to wait
They got em too so they'll retaliate
And when the first US city is in a mushroom cloud
With 1000s more on the way - funeral shroud
They said the Korean was mad but it matters no more
Because the world was incinerated in a nuclear war

Banner has been picked up:

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