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#NJAntiWarAgenda Publication Coming Soon!

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We are getting ready to publish the first historic issue of NJ Anti-War Agenda in support of all of NJ area efforts  in opposition to the endlessly spiraling US wars of imperialism.  
The pending publication was discussed in a fine article by Gregory Dube, about the recent New Brunswick protest demanding support for Puerto Rico and opposition to US war escalations – see addendum for excerpt.

You can help #NJAntiWarAgenda hit the streets:

Your input:
If you have ideas as to what should be in the paper, want to help with one of the above articles or offer another topic, contact call /text 908-881-5275 /

One goal is for the paper to be truly representative of NJ organizations and individuals that are in motion based upon their anti-war agenda.

I am looking for folks to help finish up by offering to write some of the remaining articles.  I will help and I am collaborating with an editor so it does not have to be a Pulitzer winner or anything – I am looking for 200 – 300, maybe 500 words per article.  I might also need help in finalizing the lay out.  Also if there is any web designer that wants to take on setting up and very light maintenance of a website to promote the paper,

I am willing to work out modest stipends for the authors of the articles, any semi-volunteer production staff and web designers.

Contributions welcome:
Those who would like to contribute financially toward the printing or toward the work for the paper or a related website, you can do so at this link.  If you would like to discuss your contribution, please call or text 908-881-5275.

Articles so far:
Edit suggestions are welcome on linked articles and some of the articles below are pending rewriting for the paper.

Proposed Page 1:
Welcome Letter
Moving the Money – From War to Human Needs
US Itchy Finger on Nuclear Trigger

Proposed Page 2-3
What is Your AntiWar Agenda?
Disaster Flier
Venezuela Solidarity Letter

Proposed Page 4-5

JC Anti War Protest Last Sunday of Each Month (since 2003) 12 – 2pm

Tutorial: How to Plan an Anti-War Protest

Organizing GIs

Finishing Up - Articles needed on the following topics:

Philippines and NJ Philippines Solidarity Committee
Peoples Organization for Progress
North Jersey Vigils
Montclair Vigil Site
Other Vigils Around NJ
NJ Peace Action
Green Party Antiwar Work
Organizing Youth Through Pizza Shop Meetings
Campus Organizing
Counter Recruitment
Organizing GIs
Puerto Rico
War at home
Other possible targets

ADDENDUM: Excerpt from New Brunswick Today article:
Bob Witanek, a Belle Mead resident and active member of the New Jersey anti-war community, echoed Herzog’s sentiments.
“Taxes should be used to better the lives of taxpayers, not blowing people up,” Witanek said.
“We have three aircraft carriers in North Korea and three to four nuclear subs off their coast, threatening to blow them off the map. Then we hear about the impediment in aiding Puerto Rico because of the ocean--that never seems to be a problem when it’s war we’re talking about.”
Witanek said that because of these and many other challenges threatening peace in the world, citizens need to get organized and make their commitment to peace formally known: a process he hopes to help facilitate with his upcoming publication "NJ Anti-War agenda."
The prospective eight-page tabloid will encourage those who consider themselves anti-war to develop positions against what he calls the "endlessly escalating imperial wars."

“Everyone needs to be engaged in this: we’re in a dire predicament right now. Everyone needs to be shouting. We’ve got to figure out ways to get people energized,” Witanek said.

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