Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Highland Park / New Brunswick – Central Jersey Coalition Leads Anti-War Vigils and Protest Rallies

Anti-war Protest Coordination
Held Monthly Protest Vigil for 11 Years – Now on Standby to Organize Emergency Actions in Response to US War Escalations

Locations: Usually at Raritan Ave/Rt 27 north of the Albany Street Bridge in Highland Park
Alternate Locations: New Brunwswick at the corner of Albany & George Street or at “the Fountain” at the corner of Livingston Avenue and George Street


Since 2004, the Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War has kept opposition to US war making in the spotlight in the Highland Park / New Brunswick communities.  Through 2015, the coalition maintained a monthly vigil on Raritan Ave/Rt 27 north of the Albany Street Bridge in Highland Park.  It began on April 14, 2004 to commemorate those who were killed after the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March, 2003. Originally called the Iraq Memorial Wall Vigil, it included huge black panels with the name, age, rank, and date of every U.S. soldier killed. In 2008, the panels of the Wall became too numerous to continue to display on a weekly basis. However, the vigil continued another 6 years.

The coalition continues to organize protests at that site, and sometimes on the corner of Albany Street and George Street or at the Fountain on the corner of George Street and Livingston Avenue both in New Brunswick in response to US war escalations and threats,

According to one of the groups coordinators, Ellen Whitt:

"We look at the vigil and our group as against the endless war on working people at home and around the world.

We have a weekly announcement email list that includes many events in the Middlesex County area. People can sign up for this and it includes the time and place of our monthly Planning Meetings.  Contact   to join the contact list.

Every six weeks we sponsor Marc's Place Coffeehouse where we invite speakers to lead a discussion of important current issues including war, social justice and the environment. It also includes performances by area musicians and poets. The coffeehouse is nearly 12 years old. It brings together activists and people new to these issues to discuss how to fight back effectively."

Next Coffeehouse event:
Oct 21: Fighting Racism and Changing the System-Where Do We Go from Here

According to Ellen, top concerns as far as US war escalations go include:
“North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Middle East - Syria, Iraq, Palestinian”

However the coalition stands ready to respond to any and all such war threats as they surface.

Folks can plug in to help improve the effectiveness of the events and activities by:

Attending Planning Meetings to help plan future activities and our work with other groups, volunteerinh to help with the coffeehouse, helping with outreach (includes tabling at community events, distributing leaflets, social media).

According to Ellen, the Coalition works with many groups and is also formally part of other coalitions:

“We are members of the NJ Alliance for Immigrant Justice and NJ Renews. We work with the local chapter of Jewish Voices for Peace, Food and Water Watch, New Labor, Interfaith-RISE (refugee resettlement), DIRE (Deportation and Rapid Response Equipo), among others.”

Related to the coalition’s opposition to war, the group also focuses on
“immigration, environmental, labor issues and issues related to the Middle East. We have frequently worked with both NJ Peace Action and the Coalition for Peace Action,” a
ccording to Ellen.

“We are generally trying to build stronger connections with local and regional groups on issues where we agree to expand our reach,” she added.

Most recently on Monday October 1, the coalition led a rally demanding "Money for Puerto Rico, Not for War!" at the corner of Albany and George in New Brunswick.

All those interested in helping to organize a better Central Jersey response to the US war threats are encouraged to contact Central Jersey Coalition AgainstEndless War today!

Also, please spread the word, contribute and attend:

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