Thursday, September 28, 2017

Bring the Street Heat for Peace / Against US War

[Pre-poblication - to be published in the soon to be printed paper NJ Anti-War Agenda]

Following of the US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, dozens of anti-war protests, rallies, and vigils were held throughout New Jersey - often recurring weekly or monthly.  Additionally, other anti-war events have been held in response to subsequent acts and threats of war.

With the US currently bombing seven nations and threatening attacks on others, it is time to re-energize and expand this tradition of NJ anti-war protest.  NJ protests have occurred in recent months in response to threats against Korea, Iran, Syria, and the Philippines.

To maintain momentum and effectiveness, it is necessary to have core committees based throughout NJ.  Successful efforts require a well-planned strategy for outreach in the community of the protest.

Tutorial: How to Plan an Anti-War Protest

Initiating protests at both new and previous sites is the best way to advance our anti-war agenda and to recruit more people to our efforts.

If you have participated in prior events or are a newcomer, your involvement is valued and needed now to establish a stronger and more effective anti-war agenda in NJ.

This issue of the NJ Anti War Agenda paper contains information on several sites that host frequent protests and events.  It also contains a sample plan for initiating an anti-war protest.

You are encouraged to contact and work with the coordinators whose contact information is provided herein, they need and appreciate your contributions.  We also need people to take leadership initiative by establishing even more sites of anti-war protest. 

If you are interested, please call or text 908-881-5275.  Working together we will be become more effective in expressing our NJ Anti War Agenda!

Jersey City Peace Movement Protest @ Journal Square Last Sunday of Every Month

Highland Park / New Brunswick – Central Jersey Coalition Leads Anti-War Vigils and Protest Rallies

Some past events:

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