Thursday, May 9, 2019

DC - VZ Embassy - NJ Transportation - May 10 - 12 - 908-881-5275 to GO!

NJ Residents will be headed to DC to do support work outside the Venezuelan Embassy this weekend.

If you are interested in traveling as a passenger or you are willing to drive - please text the details to 908-881-5275.  I will update this article as the details come in.

As of now, there is one vehicle going down from Brick Township, NJ leaving Saturday 5/11 8 am - returning Sunday to NJ around 9pm.  For details, text 732-616-1751.

Another vehicle leaves New Brunswick 5/11 8 am (Sears back parking lot) for 9pm Saturday return.  For details text 732-766-0107.

On Wednesday May 8, the Secret Service had the electric company shut off the electricity to the embassy and the US government is collaborating with a horde of right wing supporters of the CIA backed coup effort that are surrounding the building and physically assaulting anyone trying to bring food to the Protectors.


We need a NATIONAL MARCH on the Venezuelan Embassy - march around and around the block - force in 1 ton of food - and build an OCCUPY kind of presence to challenge the CIA backed marauders that are working with cops and Secret Service to attempt to starve out the guests of the Venezuelan Embassy.  Text or call 908-881-5275 if you are interested in helping to organize this.


Daily vigils from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
1099 30th St. NW, Washington D.C.

We urge everyone who can to join daily mobilizations to prevent the illegal seizure of the Venezuelan embassy by supporters of the U.S.-backed coup and protest the siege imposed on embassy protectors by a right-wing mob that has assembled outside. With the full cooperation of the Secret Service, the coup supporters have blockaded food and other essentials needed by members of the Embassy Protection Collective who are living inside the building as invited guests of the legitimate government of Venezuela.
The mob has already carried out numerous acts of physical violence as well as hurling racist, sexist and anti-LGBTQ abuse. But this has only strengthened the resolve of the embassy protectors. What is most needed now is a show of force on a daily basis by all those who believe in Venezuela's right to determine its own destiny and oppose the U.S. war machine.
ANSWER Coalition organizers and volunteers have been participating in this historic effort for the past month. We want to thank everyone who has traveled long distances to join us here in Washington, D.C. at different times during the past month. We want to thank those who have been able to remain and help create a sustained presence. This has been a fantastic example of cooperation with support from numerous organizations and individuals who have come together in opposition to the Trump administration's brazen efforts to violate international law, impose crippling economic sanctions, topple an internationally-recognized sovereign government and drag the United States into another war -- this time in Latin America. We can all make the difference by working together.


A group of 4 NJ residents traveled to Washington DC to support the Venezuelan Embassy Protection Collective.

I guarded our banner for 6 hours outside the Venezuelan embassy - first thing the next morning, Secret Service chopped down 2 trees including the one the banner is attached to!

This PROVES that our hanging this banner - WAS A THORN IN THE SIDE to imperialist monsters that want to slaughter thousands of Venezuelans!

The banner says:


I mourn for the trees - - and soon if the US continues in this direction it could be 10s of 1000s to a million or more Venezuelans - 40,000 already died through the economic warfare of sanctions according to a recent report - that follow the fate of these two trees whose only crime is being across from the Venezuelan embassy under the siege of a CIA coup - for having supported a message making demands to abandon Golpista Guaido, to end the sanctions and avoid US war in Latin America.

Video from May 5 when El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido was played from Embassy followed by 50 youth marching up to join our protection rally:

Though the Water and Lights are Off
The CIA Surrounds the Embassy
Wont you please come to DC 
To End this fascist siege!

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