Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Invitation to Support the Monthly Anti-War Protests - Newark / Collngswood

Please respond immediately: https://goo.gl/forms/XRKa3XJM38DRDKl43
Dear Colleagues in Struggle for Peace and Justice,

In case you have not heard, the 
People's Organization for Progress and #NJAntiWarAgenda have initiated a monthly series of antiwar protests that are now occurring – with sound permit– the first Saturday of each month at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Monument on MLK Boulevard near Old Records Hall from 11 – 1pm.  The next such event is entitled “March with Women Against War” – in honor of Women’s History Month and tapping in to the growing women’s engagement in protest as witnessed at the recent Woman’s marches around the US and world - is scheduled for March 3.  These monthly events are more than just a series of protests, they represent an organizing project to develop a solid anti-war block and stronger anti-war agenda, not just in Newark but throughout the state and region.

There is also a second newly established monthly anti-war vigil on the same day (first Saturday) of each month in Collingswood, NJ: https://www.facebook.com/events/228340047735066/

The only way for these events to continue to grow in effectiveness is to invite the involvement of like minded organizations, institutions, schools, businesses, unions, associations and residents.
We propose to your organization that you hold internal discussions about the various aspects of US war making and threats.  Many of the potential US wars are highlighted in our initial printed paper #NJAntiWarAgenda . 

We are also inviting organizations to make a commitment to providing consistent support for the success of the monthly events by pledging to mobilize a consistent level of support.  We understand that not all members of your group can attend each and every event but we suggest that you assess your abilities to mobilize possibly a goal of a certain number each month.  We also invite you ro prepare matierials, banners and signs to present your anti-war agenda according to the principles of your organization.

We also invite you to assess what kind of support you might benefit from – if it could be available, possibly transportation and other costs, to make your regular participation feasible.  We are not guaranteeing that we can come up with the support but we can work with you to provide whatever assistance we can muster.

Supporting organizations can have speakers at the events and help determine the program and activities.



Bob WItanek

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