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People's Organization for Progress Instrumental in NJ Anti-War Efforts

The following is an outline of the article that #NJAntiWarAgenda will be running on Peoples Organization for Progress.  I would like to include some pertinent quotes from one or more POP members in response to these questions.

Larry Adams has offered to help but if anyone else wants to offer feedback on behalf of POP - please send to .


What is the guiding principle(s) of POP's dedidcation to anti-war struggle?

How is the struggle against wars abroad related to "war at home" struggles in NJ communities?

What are unique concerns of POP regarding anti-war issues?

What are some of the ways POP is likely to be participating in anti-war struggle in the next 6 months to year?

Is POP part of Black Alliance for Peace (Ajamu Baraka, Margaret Kimberley are involved)?

What are ways that people can get involved with POP anti-war work?

One of the forefront organizations in NJ that is working to organize a stronger anti-war effort is People's Organization for Progress.  At almost every anti-war protest in NJ that has taken place in recent month's, Lawrence Hamm chair of the People's Organization for Progress has played a swivel role in giving quorum to move forward with an event.  We usually try to get 3 or 4 people initially to agree to call a protest assuming that they will take responsibility to make sure all the steps are taken to make sure that it is successful in various ways.

It is Lawrence Hamm, on behalf of POP who has delivered, without rental cost, a sophisticated sound systems with very capable community amplification.  POP also has a wealth of its trademark signs around almost every important issue out there - including on every aspect of the escalation of US wars and threats.  While Chair Hamm, and often Ingrid Hill transports the POP protest infrastructure, sound, signs and other materials, POP also always delivers numbers of participants - it does not just throw its name on the flier.  Many of the protests against US wars in recent months have been well attended by the yellow shirt styling POP membership.

Peoples Organization for Progress

General Assembly Meeting Every Thu 6:30 pm, 224 W. Kinney St., Newark NJ
Justice Monday Protest Every Monday, 4:30-6 pm outside Rodino Federal Bldg, 970 Broad St., Newark NJ
Recruitment (Almost) Every Saturday, noon, corner of Broad and Market, Newark, NJ

Several of the recent anti-war protests have occurred at the Martin Luther King Jr. monument on MLK Dr. 973-801-0001

Every decision is made by Peoples Organization for Progress is vetted at the organization's Thursday General Assembly meetings that occur  Every Thursday 6:30 pm, 224 W. Kinney St., Newark NJ.  These meetings are more accurately described as weekly events, often with guest speakers, presentations, topical discussions, panels - a long with a host of presentations by POP members and guests proposing POP involvement in various initiatives.

POP is very open to proposals from other organizations and those not yet part of the organization.  If you have a proposal for anti-war work that is consistent with POP's agenda and strategies, the following are the steps to bring it to the floor:
1. Contact POP officers with a brief description of your proposal, what meeting you would like to present and how much time you might need to present the proposal.
2. When you are scheduled for the meeting, be prepared with a succinct yet coherent presentation on the idea and how it corresponds to POP's policies and positions and how participation helps the POP organization as well as the anti-war cause you are advocating.
3. It is best also to develop a relationship with POP, consider becoming a dues paying member and possibly contribute regularly and to attend and support POP at meetings, protests and other POP events to demonstrate mutual support.
4. You should be clear what exact kinds of support and effort you are asking POP to commit to, the organization has a very demanding agenda - while it is a large organization with very active membership - its members and resources are spread thin due to all of the work it takes on.
5. You should be inviting POP to play a supportive role and not be trying to offload the organizing tasks upon the organization.  Be clear in what you are going to do to facilitate POP involvement.
6. Be prepared at the presentation for pointed and possibly difficult questions and lively discussion, even debate,

POP will usually approve proposals that are well prepared, consistent with their agenda, not overly demanding of resources and have a plan that does not overly depend on POP efforts to be successful.  The organization always comes through when it makes commitments - so if you have an important anti-war project, you should consider POP's participation in helping toward a more successful event.

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